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Add:Huangniba Village,Yuqi County,
Wuxi City 214183, Jiangsu
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Changfeng Tempered Glass Factory is specialized in the development and production of glass products with manufacturing experience for more than ten years, covering an area of 20,000 square meters. For years, Changfeng has accumulated many glass products manufacturing experience, and constantly optimized the production process, continuing to emerge which made Changfeng products favored by the majority of customers.

In order to the sustainable development of the company, Changfeng constantly invests additional capital to purchase advanced equipment. Now the company has two SPT-Ⅱ type horizontal roller tempered glass product line, one flat type and one bending type tempered glass hanging production furnace, and glass straight line edging machine, glass alien double-edged grinding machine, automatic washing the dryer machine, glass printing machine and other several dozens of ancillary facility and so on. The input of these equipments guarantees quantity production of Changfeng factory as well as ensure the stability of products quality.

Our main products include glass cutting boards, glass plates, glass cheese boards, glass plant roller, glass coaster...[+More]

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